PCC-200 Elite Receiver - Efficient and Economical

PCC-200 Elite® Receiver Collar
PCC-200 Elite® Receiver Collar

Very small and lightweight, the The PCC-200 Elite® Receiver features a patented correction scheme that adapts to your pets specific behavior. Our affordable PCC-200 Elite receiver collar features progressive and fixed levels of correction to match your dog’s unique temperament, as well as many more patented features not found in competitors' best products.


The Dog Fence Experts at Pet Stop designed the PCC-200 Elite with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind.  Though small and lightweight, this receiver has a range of programmability, including progressive corrections. The PCC-200 Elite receiver colalr boasts all these features:



If your pet ever gets trapped in the signal field, only Pet Stop receivers will shut off and remain off until your pet is safely out. Other products offer a similar feature, but none are as comprehensive as the Pet Stop version.


Warning Field Security

If your pet comes too close to a restricted zone, they receive a warning tone. Unlike other systems, Pet Stop can progressively increase the correction level until they retreat. This preserves battery life and, more importantly, reinforces the initial training and conditioning your pet receives.


Flash Alert™ Low Battery Light

Flashes brightly so you know when the receiver battery needs changing.


Comfort Contacts® and Gentle Spring Contacts

Our patented Comfort Contact correction probes are made from a specially designed rubber that is more comfortable on your pet’s neck, and come in three sizes. Gentle Spring Contact posts also come in three sizes and are retractable, made to maintain skin contact no matter how thick your dog's coat - without putting undue pressure on the neck.  Including our four sizes of stainless steel posts, that's ten different contact post variations designed to suit any pet.  Compare that to the two sizes offered by competitors and you'll see that Pet Stop customizes pet containment better than anyone. 


Tri-Scann™ Omni Directional Antenna

Our receivers have three antenna with a full 360 degrees of detection. There are no blind spots or “holes” where the collar is not receiving a signal.


Choice of Colors

From fire engine red to Kelly green, Pet Stop has the right color for your pets. All of our receivers come with a large choice of collar colors.


Replaceable Batteries

Powered by lithium technology and selected for a wide range of weather durability, Pet Stop dog fence batteries outperform other pet fencing batteries, including lithium coin cells.


Be sure to fit your pet fence collar properly so your Pet Stop dog fence will work as designed. The best fit depends on which contact posts you have, too. Your Pet Stop representatives can help you make sure your receiver collar fits correctly.

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