Edge-To-Edge Boundary Technology

Do you have a small property, and need to maximize your dog's play space? Or maybe it's too tight for your pets to access an important part of your property. With Pet Stop's Edge-To-Edge Boundary Technology, we can allow your pets much closer to the boundary wire, giving them access to areas that normal pet fence systems just can't manage. 


Pet Stop’s patented Edge-To-Edge Boundary Technology delivers up to 25% more yard space allowing your pets to roam safely in their whole yard, even very close to the edge.  It’s a great solution for small lots or areas where walking space is limited.  The vast majority of the SmartReceiver activation field in outside the wire, and that correction zone can be extended using our three adjustable Stopper settings for the pet that needs a little more convincing.  Ask your representative how this technology might be used in your specific situation. 

Edge-To-Edge Boundary Graphic

Standard Signal Configuration

For most yards, our standard dog fence Boundary is the right balance between containment and yard space, allowing your pets to get 2.5-5 feet from the wire.  Every property is different, and standard boundaries can be installed in many different and adjustable ways.  The SmartReceiver activation field is balanced, with equal width on each side of the wire.  The correction zone can also be extended if necessary with our three adjustable Stopper settings if needed.

Standard Dog Fence Signal Field Graphic


With thousands of installations behind us, we are more experienced than any dog fence company in Alabama at planning and installing your dog fence and avoidance solutions. Just tell us what you want. We'll figure out how to get there.