Fitting the Receiver Collar Correctly is CRITICAL!

To be effective, your SmartReceiver's contact posts must maintain contact with your pet's skin.  Without this contact, pets cannot feel the correction when they approach the boundary.  If your pet's collar is too loose, it won't be able to deliver the correction stimulus, but it could cause skin irritation due to constant movement with intermittent skin contact.  Your Pet Stop representative is trained to adjust the SmartReceiver collar to fit correctly with low skin contact pressure. 


To relieve the slight contact pressure, we recommend removing the collar for at least 6 hours each day, and moving it to a slightly different position whenever possible throughout the day. This also allows you to check the collar's fit each day, in case it has become too loose or too tight.  Following these recommendations should prevent the possibility of pressure sores, which can lead to a condition called Pressure Necrosis.  Similar to bedsores, pressure sores are caused by extended periods of unrelieved pressure on the skin.  It is essential to relieve contact pressure frequently to prevent this issue


The Correct Contact Posts


While most dog fence companies offer two or three lengths of rigid metal contact posts, the Dog Fence Experts at Pet Stop know that there are many types of coats and skin.  To help provide each dog or cat with the posts best suited, Pet Stop has created ten different contact posts.  These include four lengths in surgical steel as well as three lengths of both Comfort Contacts and GentleSpring posts, patented Pet Stop innovations. 

  • For many dogs with a range of coat types, our rigid Surgical Stainless Steel Contact Posts will do the job. They come in four lengths to suit many coat types. Fitted properly, steel contact posts maintain skin contact but remain movable while being worn. Correctly fitted, both posts touch skin with slight pressure.
  • Our patented Natural Rubber Comfort Contact Posts can provide a very easy touch for dogs with sensitive skin or very thin hair. These come in three lengths for dogs or cats of all sizes. Since they have a much larger surface area, Comfort Contacts are not appropriate for dogs or cats with thick coats which may interfere with skin contact. Correctly fitted, both posts touch skin with slight pressure.
  • Dogs with thick coats, especially when they are also long, present particular issues with maintaining skin contact. Patented GentleSpring Contact Posts come in three sizes and were designed to address this specific issue. Each spring contact maintains contact while moving independently to stay in contact with your pet's skin. They apply gentle pressure and can be used on most coat types. Correctly fitted, both posts touch skin with partial spring compression as shown in the picture below.