Buy Dog Guard® Compatible Batteries & Collars

Dog Guard Compatible Dog Fence Batteries


Premium 6 Volt Battery for the listed Dog Guard Dog Fence Collars: 

  • DG9XT
  • DG-9000
  • DG-5000
  • DG-3000 

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Dog Guard 6v S.O. Battery (Single)
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Replacement Nylon Collars for Dog Guard Fence Receivers
Do you need to replace your dog's nylon collar?  If it's faded, frayed, stained...or you just want a new color - replace it with a new high quality durable nylon collar.  These OEM collars are perfectly suited to mount your Dog Guard Dog Fence receiver.  The pre-drilled mounting holes are sized and spaced for a perfect fit.  3/4" Wide.
  • Fits Dog Guard Brand pet fence receivers (All Models

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Nylon Collar for Dog Guard (3/4"W)
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