Buy Premium Dog Fence Batteries for Any Pet Fence Brand

Our pet fence batteries are manufactured to meet or exceed each manufacturer's specifications.  As one of the largest pet containment battery suppliers in the world, we serve Tens of Thousands of customers across North America and Europe. We offer the absolute best selection of high-quality dog fence batteries for all brands of dealer installed dog fences and electric dog containment fence collars on the market today. Frequent purchases insure you'll receive fresh batteries for your pet's fence collar.  Even though they look similar, some batteries are not up to the demands of a pet fence collar.  We carry only the best quality cells, capped and welded for secure and reliable power.  If you don't see the batteries you need, please call us to inquire.  We carry dog fence batteries for all brands.  Our value and customer service cannot be beat by anyone, including your local dealer.  

Don't see your dog fence collar brand listed? We still have batteries for it! Email Us or call our office at 205-982-5196 and we'll help!